60 Seconds with Commodore Darren Garnier, Commander of Combined Task Force 150 on Op ARTEMIS

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(DG) I’m ready to embarrass myself on camera with questions that I have not seen and not practice before. Prepare yourselves.

Good day everybody. My name is Cmdre Darren Garnier. I am the commander of CTF 150.

“What’s the best part of being commander of CTF 150?”

That’s a silly question. The best part of being commander of CTF 150 is being the commander of CTF 150 because you get to go into the world and do cool things and lead men and women as part of a greater Canadian obligation to the Middle-Eastern Region. So, it’s fantastic honour. Thank you very much. Next question.

“Most interesting part of living and working in the Middle East?”

The most interesting part is learning about the people, the customs and traditions and trying to figure out the things that you thought you knew and the things you really didn’t know.

“What are you passionate about?”

Excellent question. I’m passionate about art and antiques because I believe that we become better people through the things that we love to do without worrying about the consequences of that attachment.

“Why did you join the Navy?”

My grandfather was a fisherman. I grew up in boats. It seemed logical to me.

“Best experience in Op Artemis so far?”

Honestly, my best experience was a recent trip to Egypt where we had an opportunity to visit the pyramids at Giza and to stand in the sands of time was pretty humbling stuff.

(Woman) Good job!

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