Canadian Armed Forces can take advantage of Airbnb and Uber


Canadian of Armed Forces members can take advantage of ride sharing services (Uber) and alternative accommodation booking programs (Airbnb) while on temporary duty travel or during relocation where they are now legal and regulated.

Use of ride sharing services (Uber) may be reimbursed as a mode of local transportation only where the transportation service is legally allowed to operate. With regard to temporary duty travel (TD), reimbursement is limited to local travel.

On TD, the use of Airbnb may only be permitted when accommodations listed in the Accommodation and Car Rental Directory are not available. Canadian Armed Forces members can also be reimbursed Airbnb expenses during relocation (postings) up to the rates already established in the accommodation and car rental directory and based on the number of rooms that the family would have been entitled to. Other costs associated with the use of Airbnb, such as deposits, cancellation and booking and/or cleaning fees, will need to be factored into the total cost.

These new guidelines take into consideration responsible management of public funds, and modern practices within the travel industry.

Detailed administrative guidelines can be found at the following link:

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