DT News: Operation UNIFIER, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and the Garrison Petawawa Cultural Diversity Festival

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(P) In this episode we give an update on Operation UNIFIER…

(S) …commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination…

(P) … and see some of the exhibits from this years’ Garrison Petawawa Cultural Diversity Festival

Operation UNIFIER, the Canadian Armed Forces mission to support the Security Forces of Ukraine, was recently extended. We’re joined by Major JP Seguin to learn more about what this means for the operation.

Hello Major Seguin. What is your role on the operation and your main duties?

(Maj Seguin) As the Task Force Deputy Commander, I oversee the staff work and finances here at Camp Yavoriv to ensure that the Task Force keeps moving and operating, which includes doing personnel management and most national liaison here at Camp Yavoriv. I also take the reins of command whenever the Task Force Commander goes to one of our many outstations to visit their deployed personnel.

(P) Can you explain what work has been done in this most recent installment?

(Maj Seguin) During Roto (rotation) 6 of Operation UNIFIER we have strived towards enduring effects for the Security Forces of Ukraine. This means not only delivering training, but building everything that goes around it. Within Task Force UNIFIER, there are five different training groups all over the country all leading different efforts to support the defence transformation. The goal of Ukraine is to one day join NATO and this is one way we can help them reach that goal.

(P) How will the extension allow you to continue this work?

(Maj Seguin) We’re talking about enduring effects, institutional changes, and defence transformation. All of these things take time and the mission renewal will allow us to keep working with Ukrainian partners in achieving these goals.

(P) Thank you for joining us Maj Seguin.

(Maj Seguin) Thanks for having me.

(S) March 21st marks the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This year’s theme is Addressing Intersectionality – Achieving Equity.

We recently spoke with Sergio Rodríguez, Civilian Co-Chair of the Defence Visible Minority Advisory Group to learn more.

(SV) Can you explain this year’s theme of “Addressing Intersectionality – Achieving Equity”?

(SR) Yes, this year, for the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the theme that has been selected is “Addressing Intersectionality – Achieving Equity”, this means that we’re going to analyze the issues that we are having or are maybe going to have in the future at DND from different aspects, from different angles, from social, economical, environmental, and from the political side as well.

(SV) What are some of the available resources for Defence Team members?

(SR) There are different resources Defence Team members can access like, for instance, under the Employment Equity website, there are four different advisory groups that are raising their voice and speaking up to their chain of command and telling them what are the different issues affecting across Canada our Forces and also our civilians.

(P) Before we go, the Garrison Petawawa Cultural Diversity Festival recently took place to educate and demonstrate social inclusion and strength in diversity within the Defence Team.

(S) The festival featured several cultural exhibits, demonstrations, keynote speakers, and other activities highlighting diversity.

(P) That’s it for us. Thanks so much for watching. See you next time…

(S) …for Defence Team News!

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