DC-3 Dakota with Polish war-time connections heading to Poland

A photo of the nose of an olive-green aircraft on which are painted the words “Spirit of Ostra Brama”.
The nose of the “Spirit of Ostra Brama”, a DC-3 Dakota flown by Polish airmen serving with the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, with the aircraft name and the Polish red and white chequered insignia on its side. PHOTO: Submitted

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A Second World War-era DC-3 Dakota that was flown by Polish airmen in the Royal Air Force is being repatriated from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Poland, where it will become part of a museum heritage display. A ceremony to mark the return of the “Dak” to Poland is being held today, at 17 Wing Winnipeg. The aircraft is scheduled to leave Canada for Poland on March 9. In this article, Captain Crossley examines the complex history of this historic aircraft, dubbed the “Spirit of Ostra Brama”.

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