DT News: March 8th is International Women’s Day and we welcome the first interim Fighter Jets in Cold Lake

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(S) In this episode, we celebrate International Women’s Day…

(K) …and welcome the first interim Fighter Jets in Cold Lake!

The Royal Canadian Air Force recently welcomed the first two Royal Australian Air Force F/A-18 aircraft to 4 Wing Cold Lake. The occasion was marked by an event with both members of the Canadian and Australian air forces.

Canada is procuring 18 fighter aircraft, parts, and equipment from the Government of Australia to support our CF-18 fleet.

Deliveries will continue throughout the next three years, with the final aircraft expected by the end of 2021. The interim fighter aircraft will support the fleet until a permanent replacement is fully operational.

(S) March 8th marks International Women’s Day, an opportunity to recognize the contributions and achievements of women to our society and dedication to the Defence Team.

The Defence Women’s Advisory Organization recently invited Deputy Minister Jody Thomas to speak about women at Defence.

(JT) Women in uniform, Canadian women, women who serve Canada, whether it’s in uniform or not, the Canadian women have an impact around the world that you don’t realize. And it’s an important impact. We are different, we are far more equal and we are far more accommodating. We are the first Five Eyes country to let women have access to any trade classification they wanted to pursue in the (Canadian Armed) Forces. We were ahead. And you forget the impact you have until you’re out there. So all of you have a profound impact around the world.

We also spoke with Commodore Rebecca Patterson, Defence Champion for Women at the event.

(Cmdre Patterson) International Women’s Day is but one day of the year where we actually take time to concentrate and focus on women’s achievements in defence and security. As the Deputy Minister said, it goes beyond just one day but I think it is just an opportunity to celebrate and to kind of do a little bit of a retrospective on what we have been able to bring to Defence.

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