Virtual class pilot project is looking for candidates to improve their French

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Canadian Armed Forces members wanted for French as second language progress levels 9 and 11

Canadian Forces Language School (CFLS) is looking for students to take part in a virtual class pilot for French second language courses. This course is aimed at students wishing to begin their level C training.

Since 2014, the CFLS, through its Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu detachment, has been conducting a pilot project offering French as a second language course via a virtual classroom. This full-time program allows students to learn from their home in a virtual environment. Experienced teachers offer a well-structured, easily accessible course that allows learners to interact directly with their teacher and colleagues.

CFLS Det Saint-Jean is looking for eight candidates to do a six week course from May 2 to June 14, 2019 for PL9, and from May 2 to June 21 for PL11. These courses are designed for Regular Force Anglophone members and for Class B reservists, whose organizations will allow them to participate in the six-week (or seven-week) full-time course.

Students will complete one progress level, and after the PL9 course, tests will be administered and the results will be sent with an official progress report to the student’s unit. After PL11, the students can do the Public Service Second Language Evaluation.

Equipment required: a computer, a high-speed internet connection, a camera, and a headset with a microphone. The user-friendly platform allows teachers to form subgroups, have their students work in teams, and correct their students’ pronunciation.

For more information visit the ALLIES Web Virtual Classroom page or email

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