What I learned in church about aviation

A black and white photo of a man in the cockpit of an aircraft.
Erroll Boyd in the cockpit of an aircraft of the Royal Naval Air Service, during the First World War. PHOTO: Boyd family collection

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I never thought that I would learn anything about aviation at church, and be prompted to learn more with follow-up research, but that happened on Sunday, July 2, 2017. To help celebrate the Canada Day weekend, the service was based entirely on 17 hymns selected from 150 years of history. Some were all-time favourites and we sang selected verses of each hymn.

One of those hymns was “Crusaders of the Air,” written in 1925 by Kathryn Munro Tupper. At that time, aviation was advancing rapidly after the First World War. Her hymn was written for those who dared to fly. When I returned home from church I just had to learn more about Kathryn Tupper. By searching on the internet, I found the complete hymn.

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