I am Master Seaman Yevrag Evans

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I am MS Evans, a Naval Combat Information Operator currently working in the Canadian Submarine Force in the sustainment section. My team and I get new Submariners trained on modern equipment upgraded through the Defence Policy: Strong, Secure, Engaged


For us, as a submarine force, we covertly defend Canada. The shipping lanes are protected by us. We can track illegal vessel activities in concert with other government departments and report them to the coastguards or other naval assets to track the vessels.

It’s like playing hide and seek. We’re hiding and seeking at the same time, we get the information, we pass it on, and nobody knows we were there.

Overtly, if we’re on the surface, they know there’s a submarine there, then our job is done to protect our waters or shipping lanes or marine traffic.

I am Master Seaman Yevrag Evans, I’m an NCI Op (Naval Combat Information Operator) and I currently work at Canadian Submarine Force in the sustainment section.

I joined the Submarine Force over a cup of coffee. I had a chat with a friend who was a submariner and at the time he asked me if I was interested in sub. I said “Yes”. And by the time he finished his cup of coffee, the paper work was started and fast-forward four months I packed up moved to Halifax and started my submarine course.

For me, Strong, Secure, Engaged refers to operating and modernizing the Canadian Submarine Force. The equipment we use. In my aspect I operate modern equipment. We’re upgrading the autopilot systems, we’re upgrading the radar system, the sonar systems have been upgraded and gradually been changing out so we have newer equipment, newer processors to make the system more efficient than it already is. Think of it as going from old Beta tape to now everything is mp3s. You know we’ve taken all the steps along the way and now we’re at the “mp3-phase”.

I’m not currently working on the submarine physically. I work at the Submarine Force where my job is to get submariners trained. So we go out and attract submariners from the rest of the Navy and the Airforce and the Army. So my job, my team’s job I should say, we get people interested in subs for different occupations.

I’ll be hopefully going back to getting posted back to a submarine and I can’t wait. My wife won’t like it but I’m looking forward to it.

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