DT News: Op PALACI, CFLC awards, and Op PROJECTION

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(S) In this episode, we highlight the world’s largest mobile avalanche control program…

(G)…we celebrate those who support reservists…

(S)….and we set sail for Africa as part of Operation PROJECTION.

(G) Operation PALACI is currently underway in Rogers Pass, British Columbia. The operation is the CAF’s support for Parks Canada’s annual program to control avalanches.

Here’s Bombardier Jean-Christophe Sherrer, a Reservist participating on the operation from the 30th Field Artillery Regiment.

(Bdr Sherrer) We’re out here at Rogers Pass on Operation PALACI, this a domestic operation we’ve been doing since 1961. It’s, basically, triggering avalanches to prevent snow buildup. There’s one main highway that goes between British Columbia and Alberta. And in order to be able to get civilians from one place to another safely we really have to get to those avalanches as soon as possible before it becomes a danger to anyone wanting to use the highway.

What we use for this operation is called the C3 Howitzer. It fires a 105 mm projectile.

What we ended up doing is we just added a jack to the bottom of the gun and then we can basically pivot the gun all around to be able to shoot different mountains at different bearings.

We end up recording exactly where our barrels should be pointed and then all we have to do is pull the lanyard after that and it hits the same place every single time

To learn more about Bombardier Sherrer’s role on Op PALACI, view his I AM SSE video listed in the related links.

(S) Several Canadian Forces Liaison Council awards events are being held across the country. These events are designed to thank outstanding businesses and educational institutions who have shown exceptional support to reservists.

Over 400 organizations, from large private sector companies, to the public sector, all the way to small local businesses, were proudly nominated by their Reservist-employees and each will be recognized by the CAF.

The top 130 organizations will be honoured individually over the next few months. The final national event will be held at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa on May 9th.

(G) Before we go, HMCS Kingston and Shawinigan recently departed for Africa as part of a 3-month deployment on Operation PROJECTION. The ships will be joined on the deployment by members of the Naval Tactical Operations Group and a Maritime Operations Centre mentorship team.

(S) Together, the deployed members will operate from sea and ashore supporting training and fostering relationships with partner navies, working to enhance maritime security and stability in the Gulf of Guinea and North Africa regions.

(G) That’s it for us. Thank you so much for watching. See you next time…

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