Security Awareness Week: February 4 to 8

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(S) Security Awareness Week is taking place this week. It’s designed to increase employee awareness and promote departmental security services.

We recently spoke with Lt(N) Zhao Liu from Director General Defence Security to learn more.

Why is this week important for Defence Team members?

(ZL) Well, it’s important to set aside some time to review our security practices to provide tips to our personnel within the department. We also observe Security Awareness Week or SAW, as we call it in DGDS, to provide tips and also address risks and vulnerabilities associated with our work. After all, when we’re so fixated on our operational tempo it’s important to take a pause and just review our security practices just to protect the fruits of our labour.

(S) Why link security to sports?

(ZL) Security is a team sport. Everybody has to play their part. We think of it this way, we employ defensive tactics and maneuvers to prevent threats against us. The objective, the goal is to prevent the opposing team from stealing a base.

(S) What are some tips for daily security vigilance that we might not think about on a day-to-day basis?

(ZL) Well, a few things that come to mind, a few things to avoid; disclosing your location on social media while in an operational environment, disclosing the details of your job to members of the public or on social media, using wireless devices in secure operations zones, and something as common as wearing your building access pass in public. Something we see almost every day.

(S) Thanks so much.

(ZL) Thank you.

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