The Deputy Minister’s Vlog: Bell Let’s Talk Day (part 2)

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(DM) Well, for me, the work that is done here, in the Department of National Defence, by both the Canadian Armed Forces and the civilian employees who support them, the work is so critical. It is so difficult. And so many things happen, that people get bottled up inside of them. And having a conversation across CAF members, civilian members, across the department, CAF and civilians talking about what affects us, how we need support, how we are feeling about our work, the day when we are not feeling well, knowing somebody is going to listen, and actually take it seriously, it is important everywhere, but it is really important in this department.

(VCDS) Yes. I feel mental health and physical are indistinguishable. I mean, it is all part of your health, and for what we do… You know, we defend Canada and her interests, at home and abroad. It is a critically important job. All of us, as part of the Defence Team, both civilian and military, have to be able to perform at our peak level. So once again, it draws awareness to this critical aspect. It just makes up better at what we do.

(DM) And if I could add on to that… I think it is so well said. Bell Let’s Talk Day opens the doors of conversations that people may not otherwise have, and allows us to ensure and really emphasize that we are here to support Defence team members. And from senior management to everybody out in the field, we are here, we want to help. Let’s have a conversation.

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