DT News: FORCE Rewards Program and new employment resources for military spouses


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(P) In this episode, we highlight the launch of a new employment network for military spouses and discuss changes to the FORCE Rewards Program.

A new FORCE Rewards Program came into effect on January 1st. The program recognizes Canadian Armed Forces personnel who achieve high levels of health-related fitness and operational readiness on their FORCE Fitness Profile.

As part of these changes, you can now earn rewards when you achieve a high score, specifically if you achieve Silver or higher.

It’s a new year, so be sure to set the bar high! For further information visit the related links or contact your local Personnel Support Program Fitness Staff.

(P) The Military Spousal Employment Network and Military Spouse Employment Initiative offer meaningful opportunities to eligible, civilian partners of CAF members.

The new Military Spouse Casual Inventory allows eligible participants to seek-out valuable work experience and significant career development opportunities at the Department of National Defence.

Take a look at the related links for more information and apply through GC Jobs today!

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