Sharp dressed man, RCAF-style

A man with long white hair and beard, wearing a white t-shirt, and red pants and suspenders, is helped into a jacket.
14 Wing Greenwood's tailor, Angie Vroom, helps Santa try on a military CADPAT jacket. “I can see that the pattern would be good for hiding behind a Christmas tree,” Santa says, “but the debate is—do I need it? I’m lively and quick, and I can bound and spring better than anyone. And, with my Christmas magic, no one sees me at work.” PHOTO: Sara White

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Who’s the best-dressed man this time of year?

 Santa Claus knows he has an image to uphold as he readies for a busy December schedule of appearances; he also knows his attire has to hold up to a world-wide workload.

 Who better to help Santa test, mend, let out (those cookies creep up on the waistline, year over year), and adapt to new clothing technologies, than the supply techs and trades within the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)?

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