New CAF Transition Group aims to improve military career transition experience

Lieutenant-General Chuck Lamarre, General Jonathan Vance, Brigadier-General Mark Misener
Lieutenant-General Chuck Lamarre, Commander Chief Military Personnel, General Jonathan Vance, Chief of the Defence Staff, and Brigadier-General Mark Misener, Commander Canadian Armed Forces Transition Group sign the stand up of CAF Transition Group scrolls during a ceremony at Cartier Drill Hall in Ottawa on December 10, 2018. Photo: VAC

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On December 10, 2018, the Minister of National Defence, Harjit Sajjan, and the Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), Seamus O’Ragan jointly announced the establishment of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Transition Group.

As a key enabler of Strong, Secure, Engaged (SSE), the CAF Transition Group will provide engaged, personalized and guided support to transitioning members, with special care and attention to those who are ill or injured, as well as veterans and family members.

“In my perspective, the true measure of a military is how you treat those who have fallen and those who are wounded. It’s a foundational element of who we are as an institution. We’ve got to get this right,” said the Chief of the Defence Staff, General Jonathan Vance.

The group’s objective is to ensure that all CAF members, veterans, and their families receive the full range of support, compensation and benefits available to them. Whether a CAF member is embarking on the road to recovery, entering rehabilitation, returning to duty in the CAF, or transitioning to life after service, the CAF is fully committed to assisting them in their journey.

To make the transition process as seamless as possible, the Government of Canada has invested in new online tools, including:

  • A Military Career Transition portal on, which assembles online information and resources from the CAF, VAC, and other partners, including Second Career Assistance Network (SCAN) training;
  • My Transition Guide, a reference for members and families to access information on support and services available throughout the transition process;
  • My Transition app, now available for download on the Apple app store and Google Play; and
  • Enhanced Transition Training available for all members planning to transition to life after military service.

The launch of the CAF Transition Group also introduces a transition trial at Canadian Forces Base Borden. The pilot project will assist in developing the professional, standardized and personalized approach to transition that will eventually be put in place across the CAF.

From the moment a member steps into a recruitment centre, to the day they take off their uniform, and beyond, life as a member of the CAF is a process of continuous transition. Because transition is more than release, it requires thorough knowledge and understanding of the myriad of considerations and choices that military members and their families face throughout their careers. The CAF Transition Group will ensure that military members are educated about transition, and trained for it throughout their careers in order to produce better outcomes for them and their families when they release from the CAF.

To help ensure a successful transition when the time comes, all CAF members, veterans, and their families are encouraged to take advantage of the new tools by visiting the Military Career Transition web portal.

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  • Lieutenant-General Chuck Lamarre, General Jonathan Vance, Brigadier-General Mark Misener
  • General Vance inspects members of the new Transition Group
  • Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan
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