Mentorship of 405 Squadron ‘family’ changes hands

A woman and two men sit at a tartan-covered table, signing documents. Behind them stand three men, flanked by flags. All are wearing blue military uniforms.
14 Wing Greenwood deputy wing commander Lieutenant-Colonel Bruno Baker (seated, centre) presides over the November 27, 2018, change of appointment between outgoing 405 Long Range Patrol Squadron Honorary Colonel Bert Campbell (seated, right) and incoming Honorary Colonel Heather Hemming (seated, left). 405 Squadron Chief Warrant Officer Dean Parsons (standing, left), 405 Squadron commanding officer Lieutenant-Colonel Luc Vachon (standing, centre) and Wing Chief Warrant Officer Dan Campbell oversaw the change of appointment ceremony. PHOTO: Master Corporal Rory Wilson, GD14-2018-0757-001

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Honorary Colonel Bert Campbell thanked his wife on November 27, 2018, saying: “One of the most important people in my life… for all she’s done for me.”

“Forty-nine years of blue shirts is horrible!” his wife, Winnifred, interrupted from the audience.

“Well, there you go,” Honorary Colonel Campbell said, joking that perhaps he’ll go join the Commissionaires.

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