Canadian innovation on display: The “Beartrap”

A large helicopter hovers a metre or two above the flight deck of a ship
With the assistance of the “Beartrap”, a CH-124 Sea King helicopter lands on the flight deck of Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Regina on August 17, 2012, as the ship transits towards the Arabian Sea, to join Operation Artemis. PHOTO: Corporal Rick Ayer, HS2-2012-044-001

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The Helicopter Hauldown and Rapid Securing Device (HHRSD)—popularly known as the “Beartrap”—is featured in an exhibit at the Shearwater Aviation Museum, located at 12 Wing Shearwater, Nova Scotia.

The exhibit is a one-third scale representation of the hangar face and flight deck of a Halifax-class frigate, Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship St. John’s, with a Sea King helicopter hovering above the deck, in the process of being hauled down by the HHRSD cable.

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