DM/CDS message on the National Defence Workplace Charitable Campaign


With the 2018 National Defence Workplace Charitable Campaign (NDWCC) currently at its midpoint, we want to highlight the impact your donations make in communities across Canada and beyond. Defence Team contributions in 2017 saw $1.3 million dollars put towards breaking the cycle of poverty by helping kids succeed, providing first line services, and building strong communities.

As it states in the attached Did You Know infographic, if half of the Defence Team were to donate just $2 per pay, our campaign would raise over $5M annually! Imagine what an impact we could make if we all, public servants and members of the CAF, gave in support of the over 86 000 registered Canadian charities.

This is a campaign of choice.  You choose which charities to give to, and how to give: through payroll deduction, credit card, cheque, or cash. Donate today!

For payroll deductions through Phoenix, the deadlines are fast approaching:

  • November 30 is your last chance to submit a paper form
  • December 7 is the final date to complete your payroll donation using ePledge

During this final push, we want to thank all of the volunteers for continued efforts in organizing and running local campaigns across the country.

Please give hope and opportunity to your fellow Canadians by giving generously. Thank you all in advance for your support.

Jody Thomas                          General Jonathan Vance

Deputy Minister                       Chief of the Defence Staff

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