DND student supports NATO in Luxembourg

Zachary Gillis
Zachary Gillis spent seven weeks working for the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) at their headquarters facility in Capellen, Luxembourg. Photo: Nadine Bernard, NSPA

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Over the summer, Zachary Gillis, a student within Director General International and Industry Programs (DGIIP), had the opportunity to serve in support of Canada’s commitment to NATO.

On June 8, Mr. Gillis travelled to Luxembourg where he spent seven weeks working for the Finance Directorate of the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA). Mr. Gillis is a business student at the University of Ottawa, currently in his fourth and final year as an undergraduate.

This work assignment allowed him to experience working with the NSPA firsthand in preparation for a position he will be taking on at National Defence upon graduation. His assignment was focused on evaluating internal controls to assist with the implementation of new financial rules and procedures at the NSPA. Working in a multicultural environment provided Mr. Gillis with valuable exposure to the dynamics and challenges of working in a multinational organization. This work arrangement between DGIIP and the NSPA represents Canada’s devotion to supporting and engaging with NATO on an international stage.

The Government of Canada’s Student Employment Policy encourages federal organizations to provide meaningful employment opportunities to Canadian students that will help develop valuable skills. This is a nationwide initiative to inspire students to consider a career with the federal government. The Public Service of Canada has committed to offering learning assignments to students that will serve as pathways from the classroom to the work place.

National Defence has embraced this investment in youth by establishing a work environment that attracts and retains talent via student onboarding. Mr. Gillis’ unique work placement represents the diversity of government careers offered by the Materiel Group and National Defence.

DGIIP has made it a mission to showcase these careers to students and hopes to continue to identify exciting and rewarding opportunities for their young workers.

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