The hero around the corner

Five men wearing flying gear stand in a row in front of a Second World War aircraft. One is holding a young black labrador dog.
Lewis Burpee (second from right) and other 617 Squadron aircrew pose with Wing Commander Guy Gibson’s Labrador puppy, which became the squadron mascot. On the morning of the day the Dambusters launched against the Ruhr dams, the dog was struck and killed by a car. The dog was buried at midnight on the grounds of RAF Scampton as Wing Commander Gibson was leading the raid. PHOTO: Via eBay

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The famed Dambusters Raid took place 75 years ago. Lewis Johnstone Burpee, one of those who died on the raid, was from a neighbourhood called the Glebe in Ottawa and a graduate of nearby Lisgar Collegiate Institute.

A neighbourhood of ghosts

It’s springtime in the Glebe. May 14, 2018, to be exact.

The sun shines with a new intensity. The breeze billows through the screen window of my office, wafting paper across my desk. Tonight is one of those evenings in which it is very good to be alive.

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