Family’s search finds answers in Second World War airman’s sacrifice

On the left, in a colour photo, an older man squats and touches a headstone; on the right, in a sepia-toned photo, a young man wears a uniform with a single wing.
(Left) Pilot Officer Clyde Ezra Coons’ son, Michael Charles, visits his father’s grave 75 years after his father’s death. PHOTO: Submitted. (Right) An undated photograph of the Royal Canadian Air Force’s Pilot Officer Clyde Ezra Coons. PHOTO: Submitted

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On September 15, 2018, some 80 people gathered in the Saint Nicholas Churchyard on Thorney Island, United Kingdom, for the annual Anglo-German Service. Under a blue sky, in the shade of an ancient oak tree beside a 12th-century church, the names of 52 Commonwealth and 21 Luftwaffe personnel who lost their lives during the Second World War and were laid to rest on Thorney Island were read aloud, one by one.

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