Airwomen from 17 Wing inspire at Girls in Aviation Day

Standing in a hangar by the wing of a jet aircraft, two women in uniform look at a young girl wearing a helmet and vest that are much too big for her.
Thinking ahead to the day when these items might be a perfect fit, Royal Canadian Air Force members Captain Hillory Gardiner (left) and Captain Melissa Couturier watch as a young girl is swamped by the helmet and vest she is wearing during Girls in Aviation Day, held on October 13, 2018, at the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada in Winnipeg, Manitoba. PHOTO: Harshavardhan

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Once a year, Royal Canadian Air Force women from 17 Wing Winnipeg, Manitoba, are superheroes for a day.

Once a year, they show young girls that anything is possible.

Once a year, they inspire the next generation of women during the Winnipeg Girls in Aviation Day.

The 2018 sold-out event was held on October 13 at Winnipeg’s Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada. There, 150 girls learned about aviation and aerospace careers, and had the chance to meet successful female role models.

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