New complaints policy to enhance military prosecutors’ accountability



The Director of Military Prosecutions (DMP) has released a new Complaints Policy that outlines the process to file a complaint on matters relating to the Canadian Military Prosecution Service (CMPS). The policy will enhance prosecutor accountability to members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the public.

“It is my responsibility to ensure that military prosecutors who act under my authority do so in accordance with my direction as set out in the policy directives of the Canadian Military Prosecution Service,” says Colonel Bruce MacGregor, Director of Military Prosecutions. “This new Complaints Policy Directive holds all prosecutors accountable to the CAF and the Canadian public, further enhancing public confidence in the CMPS and the military justice system.”

Although the CMPS is responsible to prosecute all service offences with diligence and in a manner that is fair, impartial and objective, there are times when a member of the CAF or the Canadian public may wish to initiate a formal complaint for resolution. The new policy formalizes the process to file such a complaint and details the process for the timely resolution of all complaints.

Complaints must be submitted in writing, in either official language, and provide all relevant information in order to allow for a thorough review of the matter. There are no parameters regarding the subject matter of the complaints filed. The complaints may speak to the conduct of a particular prosecutor or address any procedure, practice or policy of the CMPS which results in perceived unfair treatment.

The CMPS intends to provide the complainant with a written response within forty days of the complaint being received.  If this timeline cannot be met, the complainant will be notified and provided with a written explanation for the delay.  Where a complainant is dissatisfied with the initial response, he or she may request that the complaint be reviewed personally by the Director of Military Prosecutions for resolution.

The new Policy Directive can be found on the Defence Team Intranet (PDF file, internal link).


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