DT News: Casualty Identification Program and Veterans’ Week 2018


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(S) Welcome back to Defence Team News, I’m Dr. Sarah Lockyer, the Casualty Identification Coordinator for the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces.

(C) And I’m Ordinary Seaman Courtney Laidler. Here are the headlines at Defence in recognition of this year’s Veterans’ Week.

(S) As the forensic anthropologist for the Casualty Identification Program at the Directorate of History and Heritage, I complete the anthropological analysis of newly found remains of Canadian soldiers who went missing during the First and Second World Wars.

When the program’s investigation is successful, identified human remains are buried with a name, by their unit and in the presence of their family.

The program promotes a strong sense of continuity and identity within the CAF. The attempt to give a name to each discovered Canadian military fatality aligns with Military Personnel Command’s mission to honour and recognize military personnel for service to Canada.

Check out the related links for more information about the program, and how you can help us identify Canadian war dead with no known grave.

(C) This week marks Veterans’ Week, an opportunity to join together to remember and honour our Veterans – those who have made the ultimate sacrifice defending Canada’s interests at home and abroad.

As part of Veterans’ Week, CAF members are giving presentations at schools and other civic organizations across Canada. These sessions help Canadians learn more about the roles and stories of serving CAF members.

Defence Team members are encouraged to take part in the commemorative ceremonies and events happening across the country.

(C) That’s it for us. Thank you so much for watching. See you next time…

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