Mass casualty scenario wraps up 413 Squadron’s search and rescue exercise

A person wearing a helmet and visor looks out of an aircraft’s bubble window at land and water far below.
The view as seen from a CH-149 Cormorant during a simulated search along the coast of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick as part of 413 Squadron Tusker Exercise on October 1, 2018. PHOTO: Corporal Karen Neate, GD10-2018-0688-007 @DND-MDN Canada Copyright

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“Lynn,” said Sergeant Jonathan Pothier, “we’re going to give you a head injury, some makeup blood coming out your ear. Muriel, you’re going to be our pelvic fracture.”


“Oh, you’re conscious all the time,” he added, “complaining: ‘Oh, I’m in severe pain.’ If they move you, ham it up!”

Sergeant Pothier was busy giving medical conditions to nine volunteer victims of a two-aircraft crash, the simulated exercise that wrapped up 413 Transport and Rescue Squadron’s week-long set of search and rescue exercises on October 5, 2018…  Click here to keep reading this story.

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