“They damn nearly did it for me”: The story of William Barker, VC

An old black and white photograph of a man in military uniform standing in front of a bi-plane.
Wing Commander William Barker with his Sopwith Camel, B6313. According to author Wayne Ralph, this aircraft has been declared by British aviation historians to be the most successful fighting aircraft in Royal Air Force history. PHOTO: DND Archives, AH-517

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One hundred years ago, on October 27, 1918, Wing Commander William Barker fought the aerial engagement that resulted in his being awarded the Victoria Cross. He was badly wounded and shot down during the battle – which took place only 15 days before the end of the First World War. He is Canada’s most decorated war hero but he said he would throw his decorations in the fire if he could be fit and healthy again . . . Click here to keep reading the story.

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