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Boomer's Legacy


Boomer’s Legacy began when Corporal Andrew “Boomer” Eykelenboom, a Medical Technician, was killed in action by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan in 2006.

Andrew spent his free time in Afghanistan helping those in need and he wrote home, “Mom, send me good things for the children, putting a smile on their face is the most important thing.”

The Boomer’s Legacy Foundation is a 100% Canadian charitable organization that was created to embody and perpetuate the passion Andrew had towards helping the people in need who he encountered while deployed. The goal of Boomer’s Legacy is to empower all deployed Canadian Forces personnel by the raising and provision of charitable funds, thus helping them to help others. In this way, they are able to carry on Andrew’s legacy of providing humanitarian assistance to people where ever and whenever Canadian Armed Forces members are deployed.

More information on Boomer’s Legacy can be found on the foundation’s website.

Environmental education in Kosovo

With the assistance of the Boomer’s Legacy Foundation, Major Kris Hjalmarson from Operation KOBOLD led school children in a tree planting activity at a local public school in Pristina, Kosovo.

On October 5, five members of Canada’s Task Force Pristina were welcomed by over 70 children from the multiethnic Albanian/Serbian school, Daut Bogujevci, to plant over 50 fir, linden and willow trees. This occasion was meant to build local capacity through environmental education, and foster long-term unity in the region between children amongst minority (Serbian) and majority (Albanian) ethic groups.

Maj Hjalmarson spoke with a very enthusiastic group of ninth-grade students, and reminded them that “it will now be your responsibility to protect these trees and take care of them so they can one day be fully grown. You must educate those younger than you, and encourage them to educate those younger than them as well.” He continued, “like our friend Boomer, you as well can make a positive difference in the lives of others and in your own future generations if you embrace the potentials of responsibility, respect, and education.”

Image gallery

  • Students from Daut Bogujevci in Pristina plant trees provided through Boomer’s Legacy
  • Members of Task Force Pristina prepare the ground for tree planting
  • CAF members with students during a tree-planting event in Kosovo

HMCS Calgary & NRU Asterix make their mark in Vietnam

By CPO2 Line Laurendeau

The crews of HMCS Calgary and NRU Asterix visited Da Nang, Vietnam, to provide assistance to local schools in need. On the first day, the volunteers visited a school for children affected by Agent Orange. The crew was dispersed in three groups; one for painting the fence, one to play with the children, and one to learn new skills through their interactions with the children. The language barrier was evident, but the happiness everyone felt proved to have no boundaries.

The Canadian Embassy gave gifts to the children, and the Ships’ crews also brought gifts like stuffed animals, toys, books, crayons, blankets, mattresses, which were donated through the generosity of Boomer’s Legacy Foundation. The school indicated that a plaque would be made to recognize the crews and Boomer’s Legacy Foundation for their donations and efforts.

On the second day, a different crew took part in the volunteer work at the Da Nang Specialized Future School, an orphanage which houses 50 children aged 7 to 15. The volunteers were once again dispersed in three groups: one for painting, and two groups to play with the children. The crew handed out donations from the Canadian Embassy and Boomer’s Legacy Foundation.

HMCS Calgary also donated building materials to construct an additional classroom facility at the Social Welfare Centre. Canada’s Chargé d’affaires to Vietnam, Mr. Robert Bissett, commented that, “this will ensure the goodwill generated by the crew of the HMCS Calgary and Boomers Legacy will endure and the people of Da Nang will recall the visit with great affection.”

Image gallery

  • The crews of HMCS Calgary and NRU Asterix during their visit in Da Nang, Vietnam
  • Members of the Royal Canadian Navy with school children in Da Nang, Vietnam
  • A member of HMCS Calgary's crew during the ship's visit in Da Nang, Vietnam
  • A member of the RCN with children at a school for children with special needs
  • Members of the Royal Canadian Navy pose with children at a school for children affected by Agent Orange during their visit in Da Nang, Vietnam
  • Members of the Royal Canadian Navy pose for a group photo with children at the Specialized Future School of Da Nang, in Vietnam


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