DT News: Operation CARIBBE and delivery of new Standard Military Pattern trucks

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(J) Welcome back to Defence Team News, I’m Lt(N) Jeff Lura.

(S) And I’m Shelley Van Hoof. Here are the headlines at Defence.

(J) Operation CARIBBE, Canada’s contribution to the larger, U.S.-led Operation MARTILLO, started this month.

Taking place in the Caribbean Sea and eastern Pacific Ocean, Op CARIBBE involves fourteen countries and aims to disrupt illicit drug trafficking.

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships Moncton, Edmonton and Nanaimo, and two CP-140 Aurora aircraft will conduct patrols during this deployment.

The Canadian Armed Forces have conducted Op CARIBBE since 2006, with successive deployments of Royal Canadian Navy ships and Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft.

The operation helps strengthen international partnerships with nations across the hemisphere, and also demonstrates Canada’s commitment to support efforts to address security challenges in the region.

(S) The delivery of new Standard Military Pattern trucks were highlighted during an announcement in Petawawa, Ontario last month.

Logistics vehicles like these trucks form the backbone of ground transportation for Regular and Reserve forces, and can be found at the heart of nearly every CAF operation. They are used to move critical equipment, personnel, and supplies to wherever they are needed.

Through Canada’s Defence Policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, the Government of Canada has committed to providing the women and men of the CAF with the equipment they need to do their jobs.

More than 1500 trucks, 300 trailers, and 150 armoured protection systems are expected to be delivered over the next two years.

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