New Interceptors for the Royal Canadian Navy’s Naval Tactical Operations Group

Dan Farmer, Jeremy Langdon and John Mackillop
From Top Left: DND Small Boat Technical Authority, Dan Farmer PSPC Contracting Authority, Jeremy Langdon Bottom: Zodiac Hurricane Technologies Sales and Marketing Manager, John Mackillop

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New lightweight high-performance boats for the Royal Canadian Navy’s (RCN) Naval Tactical Operations Group (NTOG) are on their way! The Special Operations Rigid-Hull Inflatable Boat, a 24-footer known to sailors as the SO RHIB, is extremely fast, highly versatile, and light enough to be easily craned on and off of a Halifax-class frigate. The new boat will primarily be used for medium range interdiction missions by NTOG.

Dan Farmer at the Maritime Equipment Program Management division in the Materiel Group has conducted factory acceptance trials for the new SO RHIB at Zodiac Hurricane’s facility in Delta, B.C. These new boats are equipped with state-of-the-art communication and navigation systems. The advanced equipment onboard the new RHIB will make the Navy’s long-held goal of reliable long range, over-the-horizon maritime interdiction capability an operational reality.

With the SO RHIB, the RCN is entering a new era in maritime interdiction operations. The new RHIB will further enable the RCN to respond in all threat environments, both domestically and internationally, to meet Strong, Secure, Engaged obligations. The boats being replaced by the SO RHIB are known to deliver a very bumpy ride in the ocean for the crew. The new boats are equipped with suspension seating which will provide improved comfort and safety for the boat’s crew. It is a great day to be in the Navy!

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