The Deputy Minister’s Vlog: Women’s History Month

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(JT) Hello. I’m Jody Thomas, Deputy Minister of National Defence and I’m here to talk to you about Women’s History Month. I’m here today with the amazing team from National Defence’s Corporate Secretary. This is our only, and I think first all women leadership team and they’re an amazing group of women. The theme this month is “Making an impact” and this group of women make an impact every single day in everything they do.

And they are a part of the 100 year’s history of this department of women making an impact. Isabelle, how about you tell our viewers a little bit about what you do in your own wonderful team.

(I) Thank you very much, Deputy Minister Thomas. At Corporate Secretary, we offer corporate and strategic services to National Defence senior management.

The theme of this year’s Women’s History Month is influence, and we all know the influence women have on society, including within National Defence.

(JT) Thank you, Isabelle. This group of women, they do make an impact every day and I’m so proud that they are a management team here in Defence who are accepted for what they do and how they do it, not simply because they’re women. However, we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the women who came before us, opened doors, led the path for those of us today in the Department of National Defence.

And I’m thinking of those women, my two be predecessors, who ensured that there would be one more woman in the Department of National Defence as the Deputy Minister. This group of women, all of you out there, you inspire me every day. This is a great place to work. Please come and talk to anybody on the management team if you’re interested in filling their shoes one day or use them as your inspiration.

Thank you and enjoy Women’s History Month.

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