DT News: Policy on the use of cannabis by DND employees

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(S) Welcome back to Defence Team News, I’m Shelley Van Hoof.

(J) And I’m Lt(N) Jeff Lura. Here are the headlines at Defence.

(S) A new policy outlining the use of marijuana by civilian employees has been released.

The policy focuses on preventing impairment in the workplace and follows the recent release of a similar policy for military members.

All civilian employees, as well as officers and non-commissioned members who supervise civilian staff, must familiarize themselves with the policy. Both the military and civilian policies come into effect on October 17, and are in place to ensure that every member of the Defence Team remains safe and effective at their job.

For more information on both policies, visit the related links.

(J) The Canadian Forces College recently marked its 75th Anniversary.

The college was founded in 1943 as the Royal Canadian Air Force War Staff College in Toronto. It continues to provide professional military education for selected senior leaders of the CAF and militaries around the world, as well as the Government of Canada.

We spoke with those involved to learn more.

(SE) Celebrating 75 years of the Canadian Forces College history, where it originated as a class of 20 students and a dog, to the centre of excellence that it is today, we commemorated the occasion on October 4, which is the actual anniversary, with a small ceremony, a fly-past that included key dignitaries and local politicians, as well as alumni.

We will follow this up with a mess dinner, a speaker’s series in the winter, a doors open ‘Open House’ with Doors Open Toronto in May, and then the culmination of this with the graduation of the Joint Command and Staff Programme and National Security Programme in June.

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