NDWCC Shares: Solider On – A CAF Story



We never know when we will face a major challenge in life, and need to ask for help. Whether it’s time or money, the Defence Team has a strong culture of giving. We each have our own reasons for giving, and give back in our own way. It is important to recognize that it all counts; no matter how we give, when we give, and who or what we give to. Throughout this year’s campaign we will share stories that showcase the impact our giving has.



Maj Jay Feyko: Here at the Canadian Tire Centre with the Senators, the alumni. The people that are participating from the Soldier On, participants have all received an illness or injury throughout their career at some point. It could be due to service, it could be not duty related, but it happened during service. Because they put up their hand and say I need some support, and Soldier On is here with one of the programs to provide that support.

PO1 Joe Kiraly: The Soldier On program, and what we aim to do…our end mission is to get ill and injured members active for life. Through sport and recreation.

WO (Retraité) Raymond Gendron: L’expérience c’est, je pourrais dire c’est comme le militaire. On est capable de connecter quand même assé vite avec les gars parce qu’on vi les mêmes choses, les mêmes problèmes qu’on a, à cause de notre carrière militaire. C’est l’amitié. C’est surtout quand tu retires des forces c’est vraiment dure de garder contact et puis lorsque tu te ramasse encore, quand même que t’es connais pas.

WO (Retired) Raymond Gendron: The experience is like, I could say it’s like the military. You’re able to connect pretty quickly with the guys because you lived through the same things, you had the same problems – because of our career in the military . That’s friendship. It’s mainly when you get out of the forces that it’s really hard to stay in touch. But then when you pick yourself up again (you can connect), even if they don’t know you.

Off screen voice: There you go, there you go, get it! Give ‘em hell boys, give ‘em hell!

Sgt (Retired) Grant Greenall: The Soldier On experience is one of a kind. It’s a…for me it’s the first and only place really that I’ve been able to get thrown together with a bunch of people in my situation that completely non-judgmental, nobody questions, or you know, looks at you funny or anything like that. Helps majorly with my recovery.

Cpl Marie Arial: This has been amazing. Not to mention I’m the only female, which could be intimidating, but the guys have been really great. With the program, I said, well it’s Soldier On. There the ones that make me feel like I can still do anything.

Maj Jay Feyko: You’re now all ambassadors for the program. You’ve all experienced it. So can I please ask if you know anybody that’s in a tough spot, has some challenges, tell them what Soldier On will do for you.

Ron Tugnut: We realize what these people have sacrificed. And for them to be able to come out and have some experiences like this, it’s so well earned and deserved for them.

Radek Bonk: We’ll I’m happy, you know they had fun out there. Hopefully it’s something meant to them to play with us and I know it meant a lot for us to play with them.

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