DT News: Veteran’s Service Card, Workshop in Africa in support of DMTC and Bravo Zulu to HMCS Ottawa

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(P) Welcome back to Defence Team News, I’m Lt(N) Phil Henry.

(S) And I’m Shelley Van Hoof. Here are the headlines at Defence.

(P) National Defence, the Canadian Armed Forces, and Veterans Affairs Canada recently issued the new Veteran’s Service Card.

Going forward, any CAF member who has completed basic training and has been honourably released will automatically receive the card upon release in recognition of their enduring affiliation with the CAF.  Future stages will see the card issued upon request to all eligible veterans who released from the CAF prior to 2018.

The card ensures linkages to support programs as members transition to post-service life as veterans.

The initiative is part of a renewed commitment under Canada’s Defence Policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, to further enhance support for members, veterans, and their families. For more detailed information, visit the related links.

(S) A small group of Canadian officers recently travelled to Africa to deliver a seminar hosted by the Botswana Defence Force.

30 participants from 12 nations took part in the workshop, which was part of a broader programme aimed at promoting Canadian democratic principles, while contributing to international peace and security.

(LCdr McWhinnie) Working with colleagues from eleven nations in Africa is not only a professional privilege but also a great example of the Canadian Armed Forces being engaged in the world.

This workshop helped build Public Affairs capacity while strengthening relationships with many nations of strategic interest to Canada.

(S) Before we go, HMCS Ottawa recently returned to Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt after nearly four months away.

(P) While at sea, the ship took part in Exercise Rim of the Pacific, volunteered at a hospice in Maui, represented Canada at LA Fleet Week, and participated in the Joint Littoral Training Exercise. Bravo Zulu to the entire crew!

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