Why I Give: Lt(N) Jacki Kavanagh, 2018 NDWCC Youth Co-Champion

Lieutenant (Navy) Jacki Kavanagh
"What giving means to me: selflessly sharing in an effort to relieve a burden or bring joy." - Lieutenant (Navy) Jacki Kavanagh. Photo: Submitted


By Lieutenant (Navy) Jacki Kavanagh

Growing up, I loved volunteering and giving back within my community. Some of my favorite memories were assisting with after-school reading recovery, and the volunteering I took part in during my time with 738 Kingsmill Air Cadet Squadron.

The highlight was seeing for myself the impact that money raised, or time spent, could have. I truly believe we, as members of the Defence Team, need to give back by volunteering with local charities or donating to those causes that mean something to us.

The National Defence Workplace Charitable Campaign (NDWCC) is the perfect opportunity for me to resume something I once loved, and give back, while encouraging others to do the same. Giving doesn’t necessarily need to be monetary; however, money does allow charities to help answer the needs of others. The campaign means coming together as a whole to accomplish a goal, to give back to those in need.

As a Junior Officer with 11 years of experience in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), I feel I represent the future of the NDWCC. Joining the Army Reserves as a Medical Technician, I completed a BSc in Psychology prior to taking my commission in 2012 and returning to university to complete a BSc in Computer Science. I recently returned from deployment on HMCS Charlottetown, where I was the most junior Combat Systems Engineering Officer onboard. I successfully challenged my board upon our return and was subsequently promoted to Lieutenant (Navy).

The majority of my time spent in the CAF has been in junior positions, during which time I have sought out secondary duties that allow me to be part of a team and lead as required. Having worked as a non-commissioned member and officer, in the Reserves and currently in the Regular Forces, I believe I will be able to relate to many members of the CAF.

I am extremely honoured to be the 2018 NDWCC Youth Co-Champion working alongside the Champion, and the many dedicated people who are working to make this year’s campaign a success. I am working hard to engage youth across the Defence Team via the NDWCC Youth Council, and I am always on the lookout for opportunities to advertise the NDWCC within the Defence Community.

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