60 Seconds with Chris Henderson, Assistant Deputy Minister (Public Affairs) and Champion for the National Defence Workplace Charitable Campaign

60 seconds with Chris Henderson, ADM(PA) and NDWCC Champion

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So, this is 60 Seconds with, not 60 minutes with, right? So, do it fast. Alright.

Hi, I’m Chris Henderson, I’m the champion for the 2018 National Defence Workplace Charitable Campaign. Here we go, 60 seconds.

  1. Last photo you posted on Instagram.

I don’t have Instagram. Never done it.

  1. What does being the 2018 National Defence Workplace Charitable Campaign champion mean to me?

It’s an awesome opportunity to give back to the community and carry on a trend of giving throughout my career and I’m thrilled to be champion for the campaign across the country this year.

  1. Last movie you saw in a theatre?

A Quiet Place, about aliens, and if you walk and they hear you, they come and kill you. Creepy movie.

  1. Why is there an NDWCC Youth co-champion this year?

Because I think it’s a fantastic way to bring the next generation of lifelong donors up and introduce them to the NDWCC and hand this fantastic campaign over to the youth.

  1. Who is your hero?

Who is my hero? My hero is my grandfather, Billy Pope, died in Sicily in 1943.

That’s 60.


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