Full-time, Post Graduate Training Opportunities: Autumn deadline

Composite image of an RCAF roundel (blue circle with a white centre and a red maple leaf in the centre) plus sky plus the words "Post Graduate Training Opportunities" "Opportunités d'études supérieures"

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The Sponsored Post Graduate Training (PGT) program offers selected Regular Force officers the opportunity to complete post graduate studies, at universities in Canada or abroad, in specialized areas of knowledge. The graduates of these programs are needed to be employed in positions leading areas that leverage the skills and knowledge acquired from these studies. There are more than 25 different programs dedicated to RCAF occupations, but not all are offered annually. These programs are primarily for captains and majors and cover areas such as military and aerospace studies, aerospace engineering, aerospace operations and simulation.

Each year, a competition is launched to select candidates who will be offered PGT in a relevant field with follow-on employment in a position at the sponsoring unit. This year’s competition for Sponsored PGT, which starts in the 2019 annual posting season, is expected to be published in an internal message to Canadian Armed Forces personnel in September with a deadline for applications around November 30, 2018.

Canadian Armed Forces personnel interested in these opportunities should access the attached link to gather information on the programs offered and to start early in addressing the requirements that need to be satisfied to complete applications for consideration: http://cmp-cpm.mil.ca/en/recruitment-careers/education-programs/post-graduate-training-sponsored.page (available only on the DND intranet system).

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