Sailor Profile: Petty Officer 1st Class Sebastien Rose

PO1 Sebastien Rose
Petty Officer 1st Class Sebastien Rose

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Hometown: Brockville, Ontario

Years of Service: 16 years

Home Unit: HMCS Moncton

Current Occupation: Coxswain on board HMCS Moncton

Why did you join the Royal Canadian Navy?  I have been working in the marine industry my entire life. At the age of 19, I attained my Master Minor 60 Tonnage ticket and was employed with 1000 Islands and Seaway Cruises. I was the Captain of two of their ships: the General Brock and the Sea Fox. One day while I was conducting a tour, I saw the HMCS Toronto making her way up the lakes and it occurred to me that joining the RCN would be a great opportunity for me.

What is your most memorable experience? Having been on several deployments I have many great moments, but the one that stands out to me the most was when I was deployed to Haiti in 2010 after the earthquakes. Seeing the resilience of the Haitian children was absolutely amazing and it was remarkable how well our team came together to help out this country in need.

What are some additional highlights of your naval career? The Great Lakes Deployment has provided me with the opportunity to sail through the 1000 Islands and return to where my career began. As the Coxswain of HMCS Moncton, I have the opportunity to serve with a magnificent crew.

Why have you stayed in the RCN? I have stayed in the RCN because I am proud of what I do and I enjoy helping others.

What would you say to someone that is considering a career in the RCN? Do it. There is no other job like it.

What do you want the Canadian public to know about their Navy? We are an asset to Canada that has done great things and we represent Canada proudly on a world stage.

What is it like to sail across Ontario and Quebec in the Great Lakes Deployment? For me, this sail is bringing me back to my roots. The Great Lakes Deployment gives the Ship’s Company the opportunity to see their family and friends and to show their navy pride. It’s also a way for the Canadian public to be able to connect with the RCN.

Please tell a little bit about yourself, outside of the Navy.

Outside of work, I enjoy many outdoor activities. After having the opportunity to experience the Invictus Games in Toronto 2017, I founded an archery club called Full Draw Archery No Limits. It’s a club that is for everyone. No matter what disability or ability someone has, anyone can play this sport. The club has reached out to many serving and retired military members, some with missing limbs. One of the club’s biggest success stories to date is that it enabled someone with severe PTSD to leave his home for the first time in 8 months and the club gave him a sense of belonging. Stories like this are what Full Draw Archery No Limits is all about.

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