Sailor Profile: Master Seaman Ryan Tenhaaf

MS Ryan Tenhaaf
Master Seaman Ryan Tenhaaf

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Hometown: Tilbury, ON

Years of Service:  9.5 Years

Home Unit: HMCS Moncton

Current occupation and position: Naval Combat Information Operator and Senior Naval Combat Information Operator on board HMCS Moncton

Why did you join the Royal Canadian Navy? I knew it would be a challenging career that would teach me discipline and new skills. Being a part of the RCN has allowed me to meet amazing people and gain experiences that I could not have done in any other career.

What is the best part about being in Royal Canadian Navy? The best part about being in the RCN is seeing the world and going to places I’ve never been to before, as well as meeting people from different regions and cultures. I’ve learnt so much from these experiences.

What is your most memorable experience? Travelling to the arctic to help search for the Franklin Expedition ships while working closely with Parks Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard was an amazing experience because I learned how much expertise they have in the arctic region and I was able to travel to a region of Canada’s north I never thought I would see. I also had the chance to meet the former Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and his wife while serving in the RCN.

What are some additional highlights of your naval career? Deploying to western Africa to help build schools and deliver toys and school supplies to kids, and working in the Caribbean with the United States Coast Guard on counter-narcotics operations in 2017 are some of my career highlights so far.

Why have you stayed in the RCN? Continuing my career in the navy has offered me amazing training and opportunities to work in fields such as ocean bottom analysis, mine warfare and new technologies.

What would you say to someone that is considering a career in the RCN? It’s an amazing opportunity to get into a field that will give you an exciting career with little to no prior experience required.

What do you want the Canadian public to know about their Navy? It is a career that anybody who is interested should try out. You will meet and connect with other members like they are family. You will make memories and see places you may never have a chance to in any other career.

What is it like to sail across Ontario and Quebec in the Great Lakes Deployment?

The sights you get to see transiting the St. Lawrence Seaway are incredible. This is my second Great Lakes Deployment. Sailing so close to home and bringing the experience of the navy to central Canada, where many people never get to see the fleet, is a great experience. Bringing members of the public to sea and showing them what it is like to be a sailor is also a rewarding experience.

Please tell a little bit about yourself, outside of the Navy.

My family is from Wheatley and Tilbury, Ontario. Some of my hobbies include open water diving, trail cycling and automotive work.

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