Sailor Profile: Leading Seaman Marilye Laplante (HMCS Moncton)

Leading Seaman Marilye Laplante (HMCS Moncton)

Hometown: Trois-Rivières

Years of Service: 4 years

Home Unit: HMCS Radisson

Current occupation and position: Marine Technician on board HMCS Moncton

Who is your role model?

My dad because he is a hard worker who has taught me good values and has given me a positive upbringing.

Why did you join the Royal Canadian Navy?

It was something that I have always wanted to do since I was young and also for the adventure.

What is the best part about being in Royal Canadian Navy?

You are always meeting new people and it is like having a big family.

What is your most memorable experience?

The current 2018 Great Lakes Deployment, as it is my first sail as a qualified Mar Tech, and also my longest sail.

What are some additional highlights of your naval career?

When I completed Mar Tech training last summer, after all of my hard work, I received a Bravo Zulu from my unit. Any time I am sailing is also a high point for me because I love being a sea.

Why have you stayed in the RCN?

Because I really enjoy the job I do as a Marine Technician.

What would you say to someone that is considering a career in the RCN?

It is a very good career choice and it is the best thing ever if you like to travel.

What do you want the Canadian public to know about their Navy?

We work very hard as a team to ensure deployments run smoothly.

What is it like to sail across Ontario and Quebec in the Great Lakes Deployment?

I really enjoy it because I am from Quebec and it will be awesome to give my family a tour of the ship.

Please tell a little bit about yourself, outside of the Navy.

I am very athletic. I love sports, in general, and I play hockey. I will be starting a course in hotel and restaurant management in the near future.

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