DT News: Op HUSKY and the 2018 StatCan Survey on Sexual Misconduct in the CAF

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(N) Welcome back to Defence Team News, I’m Nicole Power.

(M) And I’m Cpl Michael MacIsaac. Here are the headlines at Defence.

(N) 1st Canadian Division members departed for Italy last month as part of Operation HUSKY 2018, a commemorative walk honouring the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Sicily.

Operation HUSKY was the codename for the Allied invasion of the Italian island of Sicily. It was one of the largest seaborne operations in military history with 3000 Allied ships and landing craft.

This commemorative 300-km walk replicated the path followed by Canadian soldiers during their 38 days of combat in the summer of 1943. It is an initiative led by Honorary Colonel Stephen Gregory from Montreal, and also included ceremonies in 20 local towns and villages.

(M) The 2018 Statistics Canada Survey on Sexual Misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces will be conducted this fall.

Like the 2016 survey, this year’s version will collect information regarding the prevalence of sexual misconduct in the CAF, as well as awareness of policies, programs, and support mechanisms.

On September 14, StatCan will begin sending invitations to eligible Regular Force and Primary Reserves personnel by both email and mail. The survey is voluntary but personnel are strongly encouraged to take time to share their views.

All members’ perspectives are important, whether or not they have been directly affected by sexual misconduct, so be sure to keep an eye out for your invitation to participate this fall.

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