2018 NDWCC Youth Co-champion and Youth Council

Lieutenant (Navy) Jacki Kavanagh
“Giving means selflessly sharing with others in whatever means possible, in an effort to relieve a burden or bring joy. Take my love for animals for example, by donating to a local shelter I can make a difference in the lives of animals waiting for forever homes!” Lieutenant (Navy) Jacki Kavanagh, 2018 NDWCC Youth Co-Champion. Photo: Submitted


Over the past week, I was immensely privileged to see the enthusiasm and commitment of so many young members of the Defence Team as I reviewed applications for the role of 2018 NDWCC Youth Co-champion. As I reviewed their submissions, I was impressed by their passion, willingness to step forward, and deep spirit of volunteerism and giving.

I want to thank each one of them for declaring their interest to become the 2018 NDWCC Youth Co-champion. The submissions demonstrated deep personal interest in the role, and outlined the various ideas and strengths they could bring to the NDWCC table. I certainly had my work cut out for me.

It is my pleasure to announce Lieutenant (Navy) Jacki Kavanagh, a naval combat systems engineer within the ADM (Materiel) group, as the 2018 NDWCC Youth Co-champion. I look forward to working with her throughout this year’s campaign.

With such a profound demonstration of energy and commitment from so many young members of the Defence Team, I couldn’t let their diverse skills slip through my fingers. To that end, I am proud to announce the creation of a new NDWCC Youth Council, chaired by Lt(N) Kavanagh and comprised of applicants for the Youth Co-champion role!

Working together, the members of the Youth Council will be ambassadors for the NDWCC. Bringing together their energy and creativity can only serve to enhance our campaign. They will also be available to work with their level-one (L1) teams to promote their activities, while sharing the national elements of this year’s campaign.

Congratulations to Lt(N) Jacki Kavanagh, and the members of the 2018 NDWCC Youth Council! Thank you for stepping up, and showing how the youth of our organization are committed to be a part of something bigger, something like the NDWCC.


Chris Henderson, ADM(PA)

2018 NDWCC Champion



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