PSPM application: New webpage centralizes information


You can now access information about the PSPM app on a single webpage: (internal link)

You will find links to the TBS Applications Portal, user guides, and updated PSPM app Tips and Q&A’s (internal link). Contact information for the PSPM app administrator team is also available if you experience any difficulties using the application. You can reach the team by email at

There have been technical issues during the onboarding of DND employees and military managers of civilians in the PSPM App. The administrator team has continuously been looking for a resolution, and is working closely with clients to mitigate issues.

The July 13, 2018 deadline to input Employee Performance Agreements into the PSPM app has been extended to September 15, 2018.

The number of login issues is decreasing gradually. It is recommended that you use your D-PKI (internal link) instead of your myKEY to access the app.

More than half of expected users have enrolled in the PSPM app since April 2018, and the administrator team has resolved over 600 issues. It is important for all managers and employees to register and connect with each other in the app.

You are encouraged to consult the Tips and Q&A (internal link) for more information, and to use the other links for assistance with logging into the PSPM app and the use of its features.

Thank you for your continued support.

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