Sailor Profile: Sub-Lieutenant Adelaide Taylor

SLt Adelaide Taylor
Sub-Lieutenant Adelaide Taylor

Hometown: Welland, ON

Years of Service: 5

Home Unit: Maritime Operations Group 5

Current occupation and position: Logistics Officer with HMCS Oriole.

Why did you join the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN)? I joined the Navy for the many opportunities that it has to offer.

What is the best part about being in RCN? The best part about being in the Navy is the new experiences that you encounter each and every day.

What is your most memorable experience? My most memorable experience in the Canadian Armed Forces was getting commissioned surrounded by my friends and family after four years at the Royal Military College.

What are some additional highlights of your naval career? My career in the fleet has been short so far but I look forward to supporting HMCS Oriole throughout their Great Lakes Deployment this summer, and continuing on to join a Canadian Patrol Frigate in January.

Why have you stayed in the RCN? I have stayed in the RCN because of all the great things that it has to offer, including meeting new people and travelling to new places.

What would you say to someone that is considering a career in the RCN? I would tell that that I understand it is a big decision and big leap but it is worth it.

What is it like to sail in a tall ship, especially since it is the RCN’s longest serving commissioned vessel? I am very proud to be working with the longest serving, and oldest ship in the RCN. My role as the ships Forward Logistics Site Logistics Officer is to travel on the ground ahead of the ship to arrange port services. ‎I’ve had the opportunity to sail with HMCS Oriole a few times, and it is an incredible experience. Throughout the Great Lakes Deployment, I hope to get a few more opportunities to sail in this beautiful ship.

Please tell a little bit about yourself, outside of the Navy.

Outside of work I love to play soccer and other sports. I have been playing soccer since the day I could walk and played varsity soccer throughout my four years at University. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, exploring new places, and hanging out with family and friends.

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