Defence Team News: Burrowing Owls at CFB Suffield and Exercise GOLDEN COYOTE 2018

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And I’m Lt(N) Jamie Bresolin. Here are the headlines at Defence.

An endangered species has found a new home at Canadian Forces Base Suffield.

A conservation effort for saving the burrowing owl took place this spring with the release of eight adult owls into the CFB Suffield National Wildlife Area. The Base was selected as the ideal location for this species because it contains the natural habitat these birds of prey require when nesting underground.

Canadian Armed Forces members played an integral role in the project by safely clearing burrowing sites of any potential hazards, and digging the burrows with the guidance of scientists from the Calgary Zoo and Environment and Climate Change Canada.

This is the first time an endangered species has been released from captivity onto the Base, with the hope of improving survival rates and boosting population numbers of this unique bird.

Hosted by the South Dakota Army National Guard, 59 members of 38 Canadian Brigade Group participated in Exercise GOLDEN COYOTE, which wrapped up last month in the Black Hills region of South Dakota.

The exercise was targeted towards combat support and combat service support units. 38 Canadian Brigade Group is an army reserve brigade made up of 13 units located in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and North West Ontario.

The training provided an excellent opportunity for participants from both countries to exercise their capabilities in carrying out humanitarian missions, engineering projects, and medical aid training.

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