22 Wing personnel proud to carry out Public Duties in U.K.

A montage of four people wearing military uniforms with a large square medieval-looking building.
(From left) Corporal Karey Barr, Corporal Asitha Jayasundera, Corporal Phuong Hutchings and Sergeant Michael Jaworski, are members of an RCAF contingent performing Public Duties in and around London, U.K., from June 25 to July 15, 2018. Among other locations, the contingent mounted the guard at the Tower of London, shown in this montage. PHOTO: Corporal Robert Ouellette, DND

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By Captain Leah Pierce

Since June 25, 2018, Sergeant Michael Jaworski, a member of 21 Aerospace Control and Warning Squadron, Corporal Karey Barr, from 51 Aerospace Control and Warning (Operational Training) Squadron, Corporal Phuong Hutchings, of 22 Wing’s traffic section, and Corporal Asitha Jayasundera, also from 21 Squadron, and all from 22 Wing North Bay, Ontario, have been part of a contingent of more than 120 members of the Royal Canadian Air Force from across Canada, including the RCAF Band, undertaking Public Duties in the United Kingdom.

July 11 was the final day that the contingent mounted a guard.

The RCAF has undertaken Public Duties to honour and protect the Sovereign of Canada, continuing the tradition of Commonwealth forces working closely with the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence and demonstrating the professional capabilities of the RCAF and Canadian Armed Forces in an international setting.

“I am looking forward to training and performing duties with our brothers- and sisters-in-arms from the U.K.,” Corporal Barr said before the contingent began its duties, “and to exploring the local culture.”

“I am proud to be here, proud to serve,” added Sergeant Jaworski. “For Queen and country.”

 The Queen’s Guard, as the group is called while performing Public Duties, are service personnel charged, in support of the civil authorities, with guarding the Sovereign and the official royal residences in the United Kingdom. While Sergeant Jaworski and Corporal Jayasundera’s duties included mounting the guard at the Tower of London, Corporal Barr mounted the guard at Buckingham Palace and Corporal Hutchings did the same at St. James’ Palace. The contingent also mounted the guard at Windsor Castle.

Each member was specifically selected based on his or her merit to form the Public Duties contingent.

“As an aviator in the RCAF,” said Corporal Jayasundera, “I find that it is a privilege to perform the duties of a guardsperson, which is traditionally done by the battle-hardened soldiers.”

“I am excited and proud to be a part of Canadian history,” added Corporal Phuong Hutchings.


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  • A photo montage of four people wearing military uniforms with a large square medieval-looking building.
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