RCAF to conduct flybys as part of Canada Day celebrations

Three aircraft in flight.
The Snowbirds fly near the Oratoire Saint Joseph in Montreal. (Undated file photo.)

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The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) will conduct flybys as part of several Canada Day celebrations across the country on the Canada Day weekend. These will be done at various times throughout July 1st and at various locations.

During the flybys, the aircraft will fly at an altitude no lower than 500 feet above the highest obstacle in their path.

RCAF flybys, requested by organizers of special events, are carefully planned and closely controlled to ensure public safety at all times. The RCAF is proud to share in national events such as this, with flybys that allow us to demonstrate the capabilities of our personnel and aircraft to Canadians. Aircraft participation is subject to weather and operational requirements.

Flybys will take place in:

British Columbia

Courtenay: one CH-124 Sea King and one CH-149 Cormorant
Sechelt: one CH-124 Sea King and one CH-149 Cormorant
Sidney: one CH-124 Sea King and one CH-149 Cormorant
Vancouver: one CH-124 Sea King and one CH-149 Cormorant


Athabasca: two CF-188 Hornets
Denwood: two CF-188 Hornets
Grasslands: two CF-188 Hornets (June 30)
Hinton: two CF-188 Hornets (June 30)
Mannville: two CF-188 Hornets
Provost: two CF-188 Hornets
Sherwood Park: two CF-188 Hornets
Spruce Grove: two CF-188 Hornets
Stony Plain: two CF-188 Hornets
Two Hills: two CF-188 Hornets
Westlock: two CF-188 Hornets
Vegreville: two CF-188 Hornets


Balgonie: two CF-188 Hornets
Fort Qu’Appelle: two CF-188 Hornets
Moose Jaw: two CF-188 Hornets
Regina (Government House): two CF-188 Hornets
Regina (RCMP Academy): two CF-188 Hornets
Saskatoon: two CF-188 Hornets


Belleville: CC-130H Hercules
Burlington: CC-130H Hercules
Cornwall: CC-130H Hercules
Cobourg: CC-130H Hercules
Toronto: CC-130H Hercules

In addition, the Canadian Forces Snowbirds will conduct three separate events—two flybys and an aerial display—over Parliament Hill on Sunday, July 1, 2018 in honour of Canada Day. The first flyby will take place at approximately noon with the second flypast following shortly after the national anthem. The aerial display will take place at approximately 5:30 p.m. and last about 30 minutes during which the Snowbirds will perform several stunning nine-plane formation passes.


Levis: CH-146 Griffon helicopter

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  • Three aircraft in flight.
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