Ethically, what would you? Diversity and dignity at work


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The Director announces that the office has finally found a new employee, Marielle, to fill a one year old vacancy, and that Marielle is going to be a great fit for the needs of the team.

One of the staff members, Shirley, does some reading on Marielle’s public social media posts, and discovers that she is active in the local Baha’i faith community, as well as having made statements online opposing homosexuality, declaring it as unnatural.

This is of concern to Shirley, who is openly lesbian, as known by her coworkers. She comes to her boss to express her concerns, and asks what her boss is willing to do about this to help ensure that Shirley does not feel misjudged or otherwise confronted at work.

Shirley’s first proposal is that the boss have a private conversation with Marielle as soon as she starts, or if the boss is not willing to do that, Shirley can instead make some general remarks in the first staff meeting to be attended by Marielle, in order to be transparent about the situation with everyone.

How do you react?

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