The Acting VCDS reflects on the one-year anniversary of Canada’s Defence Policy: Strong, Secure, Engaged

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Welcome to a special Defence Team News minute on the one-year anniversary of Canada’s Defence Policy Strong, Secure, Engaged.

Acting Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff, Vice-Admiral Darren Hawco, recently gave us his thoughts on this key milestone and the next steps for the Defence Team moving forward.

People are of course at the core of the policy, the most important part of the policy. What we need to do as we move forward is make sure that we have all the conditions set for a well-supported, resilient and diverse workforce to deliver Canada’s Defence Policy. You think of things like the Joint Suicide Prevention Strategy, tax-free status for named operations, changes to our Integrated Relocation Program, improved victim support policies and procedures and capacities, the six million dollars we’re already starting to spend in support of our military family services, the co-champions for gender and diversity – these are just some of the highlights of the progress that we’ve made thus far. Now these successes, we need to build on them, it’s an exciting time, it’s where we need to be focused on, and it’s what we all need to be collectively working towards to make sure that we’re strong at home, secure in North America and engaged in the world.

For more information on SSE progress highlights, visit The Maple Leaf article in the related links and keep an eye out for a new video series – I Am SSE – where we profile the women and men of the Defence Team who are helping to make the policy a reality.

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