Live Q&A with a Special Operations Assaulter Officer



CANSOFCOM is currently accepting applications for the Assaulter Officer position until Aug 3, 2018!

Join us on May 31, 2018 from 7-8 p.m. EDT on the Canadian Armed Forces Facebook page to ask questions to a CANSOFCOM Assaulter Officer live. Find out if YOU have what it takes.

About the Special Operations Assaulter Officer:

Special Operations Assaulter Officers lead and command Special Operations Assaulters. They are decisive, confident and possess sharp analytical skills. Excellent organizational and planning abilities to include strong communication skills are required. Strong leadership is required to command Special Operations Assaulters. Assaulter Officer candidates are initially screened through the same initial selection process as Special Operations Assaulter candidates and then, if invited, complete a rigorous three day Assaulter Officer specific selection. Invited officer candidates will be pushed to their limits in their leadership, intellect, planning, organization and communication.

If selected for the Special Operations Assaulter Course (SOAC), Assaulter Officer candidates will undergo a challenging 10 month course with their SOA peers. Concurrently, they will be assessed on the Special Operations Command Course to evaluate their abilities to be a Special Operations Assaulter Officer. If successful, Special Operations Assaulter Officers can expect to command an Assault Troop within an Assault Squadron. An Assault Troop Commander can expect to deploy to an overseas theatre and perform a variety of tasks to possibly include: conducting special reconnaissance and direct action, lead an element into a country at risk, plan and coordinate contingency operations, support Canadian Ambassadors and Embassies around the world and advise senior Canadian and foreign military commanders. One can also expect to be recalled and command an Assault Troop on no-notice exercises that require a strategic tactical response, at home or abroad.

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