Military-to-civilian transition improved for DND 404 driver’s licence holders

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Most provinces and territories now waive knowledge and road tests for those with a DND 404 driver's permit under certain conditions. Photo: Sergeant Marc-André Gaudreault, Valcartier Imaging Section


The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) provides the civilian workforce a cadre of outstanding, skilled people through transition back into civilian life. Thanks to the interest and support of the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, the Department National Defence (DND)/Helmets to Hardhats Canada® (H2H) team has been able to establish a basis for the recognition of accreditation for DND 404 driver’s licence holders.

While the accreditation and “grandfathering” period may vary across provincial and territorial jurisdictions, this recognition was achieved through a two-year, joint effort between DND’s Strategic J4 Transportation (Strat J4 Tn) and Helmets to Hardhats Canada. The initiative was the result of a long-standing effort by Strat J4 Tn to achieve such accreditation, due to the shortage of commercial-class drivers in Canada.

The team provided each licensing jurisdiction with an extensive review of DND licensing standards. This demonstrated unequivocally that military training and testing requirements met or exceeded license testing standards in each jurisdiction. Many DND 404 qualifications and endorsements have been given credit towards equivalent, commercial-class civilian driver’s licences in most provinces and territories except Nunavut, Quebec and Prince Edward Island, where work is underway for further accreditation.

The provinces and territories now waive knowledge and road tests for those with a DND 404 driver’s permit that meets their timeline requirements, while still possibly requiring applicants to complete a vision test, meet medical standards, satisfy identification requirements, and pay any fees involved.

The Helmets to Hardhats Canada® (H2H) program is a not-for-profit organization that aims to facilitate employment opportunities within the construction, maintenance, manufacturing and automotive industries for serving and retired members of the CAF.

The building, construction, manufacturing and automotive industries in Canada are all economic growth leaders. With Canada’s changing demographics, there is an increasing demand for skilled labour across the nation. The Canadian Building Trades Unions, as well as the many contractor employers across Canada who are stakeholders of the H2H program, recognize the valuable contribution that veterans and serving members of the CAF have made to our country. H2H Canada works closely with the CAF and community stakeholders on behalf of all veterans and serving members in order to promote employment opportunities within the building trades.

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