The May 16 episode of Defence Team News highlights the 60th anniversary of NORAD

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In this episode, we highlight the:

  • 60th anniversary of NORAD; and
  • Public Service Performance Management web application


Welcome back to Defence Team News, I’m Shelley Van Hoof.

And I’m Lt(N) Jeff Lura. Here are the headlines at Defence.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the North American Aerospace Defense Command, more commonly known as NORAD. This collaborative relationship between Canada and the United States represents one of the closest, most extensive bi-national agreements in our history.

NORAD began operations on September 12th, 1957 and was officially recognized as a bi-national command by the United States and Canada on May 12th, 1958. Since then, thousands of Defence Team members have been standing strong alongside their American colleagues, ready to defend both countries.

NORAD continues to conduct aerospace warning, aerospace control, and maritime warning in the defence of North America – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Events celebrating the 60th anniversary will take place in Colorado Springs and Winnipeg this month.

The Public Service Performance Management web application is now available for civilian employees and managers, and military managers of civilian staff.

Using this platform will improve performance management by reducing administrative tasks and allowing for a more in-depth discussion of each employee’s contribution to the Defence Team.

Once managers are familiar with the application, they are responsible for registering their employees on the platform.

Any questions can be directed to the Performance Management Team via the email address in the related links.

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